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This newsletter is an experiment that describes what I am doing, personally and professionally, in a way that I no longer trust social media to do. So far it has included news about publications (I write science and science fiction), musings on science news, a couple of interviews, short book and movie reviews, stupid cartoons, and at least one piece of unpublished original fiction (or maybe creative nonfiction, depending on your definition of the category).

As I mentioned in one of those posts, I have met a great many interesting people over the past 50 years. This is, hopefully, a way of renewing some of those relationships, and further broadening those horizons.

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For the past couple of months, I have been posting once or twice a week, depending on when I have something to share (such as a new publication coming out, or an interview). As the experiment evolves, this may grow to include podcast episodes and a paid over-18 section, because I sometimes teach classes to minors, and they don’t need to see every single thought that pops into my 50-year-old adult head.

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